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ABUNDANT LOVE & CARE TRANSPORTATION LLC was created in 2022. Our mission, along with our goal, is to provide our area with safe and quality non-emergency transportation. We contribute to the betterment of Florida’s health care experience by serving as the people’s most convenient way of arriving at their various destinations. Our services are not strictly exclusive to seniors and people with disabilities since we also openly provide our services to the pediatric populace. When you entrust us with the responsibility of transporting you to your appointments, our drivers will optimize your safety and comfort as we move through the roads with the goal of having a quick travel time.

Mission Statement

ABUNDANT LOVE & CARE TRANSPORTATION LLC’s main goal and objective are to provide quality care along with outstanding customer service while safely transporting our clients to and from their desired destinations.

Vision Statement

Years from now, we want to continue helping people arrive at their medical appointments safely and on time. We hope to partner with many medical facilities as their number one recommendation for NEMT services in the areas we serve.

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